am·biv·a·lence \am-ˈbi-və-lən(t)s\

continual fluctuation

the rooted nomad
16 May 1976
"It isn't right to try and find a simple, rational explanation for an awful lot of things. To start with, you'll end up being wrong and worse, you'll miss out on all the magic along the way. (Look over your shoulder more often!)

Even if you are the rare sort who hasn't forgotten how to correctly placate monsters under the coffee table and how to win an argument with a puppet, you could hardly wish for a better guide and friend than Caroline. Just remember to bring a spare pair of socks (not the same color) and you'll do just fine.

Rumors that she has spent every night of the last three years on a secret adventure with tiny pirates are exaggerated. They weren't really pirates. Ever since rescuing her daughter India from the Goblin King (again), Caroline has devoted her time to charitable causes and nuclear nonproliferation. Maybe if you ask just nicely enough, she will take you along next time."

courtesty of humanplacebo

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